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Hong Kong offers a range of visas, including the "Visit Visa" for general tourism purposes and the "Sponsorship Visa" if you have a sponsor in Hong Kong. Simplify your application process for Hong Kong travel documentation in Dubai with the assistance of Faraway Tourism. There is no need to visit the embassy or attend an interview. Just email us the necessary documents, eliminating the requirement for your original passport or a visit to our office.


Application Process:

  • The application process for a tourist visa for Hong Kong typically involves submitting an application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
  • You'll need to provide a completed application form, a valid passport, recent passport-sized photographs, proof of travel arrangements, and other supporting documents as required.

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Here are some general terms and conditions that often apply to tourist visas for Hong Kong. These terms and conditions can change, so it's crucial to refer to official sources, such as the Hong Kong Immigration Department, for the most up-to-date and accurate information. Here are some typical terms and conditions for a tourist visa to Hong Kong

  1. Purpose of Visit:

    • The tourist visa is for individuals who intend to visit Hong Kong for tourism, leisure, or sightseeing purposes.
  2. Duration of Stay:

    • The duration of stay granted with a tourist visa can vary, often ranging from a few days to several weeks.
    • The specific duration is determined by the immigration authorities and is usually indicated on the entry stamp.
  3. Entry Requirements:

    • Visitors must possess a valid passport with at least six months' validity beyond the intended duration of stay.
    • Some nationalities may require additional documentation or an invitation letter from a sponsor in Hong Kong.
  4. Proof of Onward Travel:

    • You may need to provide evidence of your onward travel arrangements (return flight ticket or travel itinerary) to demonstrate that you intend to leave Hong Kong before your visa expires.
  5. Financial Sufficiency:

    • While not always required, you might need to show proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay in Hong Kong. This can include bank statements or other financial documents.
  6. No Employment or Study:

    • Visitors on a tourist visa are generally not allowed to work, engage in business activities, or study in Hong Kong.
    • Engaging in such activities would typically require applying for a different type of visa.
  7. Health and Travel Insurance:

    • Having travel insurance is recommended to cover medical expenses and unexpected situations during your stay.
  8. Compliance with Local Laws:

    • Visitors are required to follow all local laws, regulations, and customs during their stay.
    • Respect for local culture and traditions is expected.
  9. Overstaying Penalties:

    • Overstaying your visa can result in fines, deportation, and difficulties in future travel to Hong Kong.
  10. Extensions:

    • In some cases, you may be able to apply for an extension of your tourist visa if you have a valid reason for prolonging your stay.
  11. Exiting and Re-entry:

    • If you plan to exit and re-enter Hong Kong during your visit, be aware of the potential impact on your visa status. Some visas are single-entry, while others allow for multiple entries.
  12. Visa Application Process:

    • You'll need to submit your visa application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department or the relevant Chinese consulate.
    • The application process may involve submitting forms, providing supporting documents, and paying applicable fees.

Please note that these terms and conditions are general guidelines and can vary based on your nationality, the type of visa, and any recent changes in regulations. It's essential to consult the official website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department or contact the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate for the most accurate and up-to-date information before applying for a tourist visa to Hong Kong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Requirements for Tourist Visa: Copies of passports of all travellers, valid for at least six months or more. Valid UAE residence visa for a minimum of three months. Copies of other visas from another country (if applicable). No Objection Certificate (addressed to Hong Kong Immigration, Hong Kong). A template is available at our office. Online copy of bank statement for the last three months. Recent two passport-size photos with a white background (Photoshoot services available at our office). Proof of COVID-19 vaccination with three doses or more. Validity of Hong Kong Tourist Visa: Duration of the visa depends on the approval of the Hong Kong Immigration authorities. Processing Time for Hong Kong Tourist Visa: The processing time can take up to 45 working days.
To minimise your inconvenience, we offer a door-to-door service to collect and deliver your requirements. An additional charge of 40 AED applies for Abu Dhabi locations, and for Sharjah or Al Ain, an additional charge of 100 AED is applicable.
It is essential to gather the aforementioned requirements. Whether you are applying for a tourist or business visa, it is advisable to reach out to the appropriate agent who can assist you with your application process.
If you're considering a vacation, reach out to our travel agent to inquire about the availability of hotels, flights, travel insurance, and transfers included in our tour packages. We'll ensure that all your needs are taken care of and provide you with a comprehensive travel experience.
Our extensive experience allows us to cater to a diverse clientele, we are equipped to provide personalised assistance and cater to your specific needs in a language that is most comfortable for you.

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